The Fraser Valley

BC’s Fraser Valley is a lush, agricultural region that borders the United States and is situated roughly 110 kilometres southeast of Vancouver, comprising the cities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Langley. While each community is distinct in its own right, together they represent the bucolic Fraser Valley – a perfect place to unplug and connect with the land.
This fertile valley is the root of the culinary experience. Known as BC’s “food basket,”

the area overflows with farm fresh experiences and self-guided farm tours. The Fraser Valley is where you connect with the passionate, grassroots farmers who grow your food, and learn about healthy eating and sustainability along the way. The area’s micro-climate (similar to Northern France) make excellent growing conditions, particularly for grapes and hops, which explains why it’s home to so many hand-crafted wineries, breweries and even one meadery.

Here, eating local is easy and the 100 Mile Diet is your friend. The Fraser Valley uniquely marries its verdant, nutrient-rich landscape with knowledgeable, eco-conscious farmers and producers who showcase some of the area’s best offerings. From fresh colourful produce to sophisticated and delicately-aged products, the region’s stewards make it easy to eat healthy.