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You’re an adult now, and while you may not still be trick or treating (hopefully), it’s time to have a serious talk about candy. If you’re one to commit to cheat days, then it’s worth doing it right. If you’re going to cheat, then cheat well. With Halloween a month away, it’s a fitting time to up our candy game, instead of waiting until Nov 1, to pillage the dollar stores for discounted leftovers.

If nothing else, these options will introduce you to a whole new world of snacking that is worth circling a few more days on your calendar.




Nobody does sweets like the Swedes, and this Yaletown spot is a destination for confectionary connoisseurs. Specializing in candy from Sweden, you’ll be dazzled and jealous in equal measure that Canada didn’t get these treats sooner. With hundreds of bite-sized reasons to fill your goodie bag, and a healthy-(ish) selection of vegan snacks, you’ll leave with a sweet, sugar-coated glow. Pro tip: If you’re stuck on what to try first, the Strawberry Rambo Crunches and Sour Watermelon Skulls are excellent.

1020 Mainland St #30, Yaletown


Granville Island Licorice Parlour


At the heart of Vancouver’s food scene, Granville Island has a solution for every craving. That’s why it isn’t surprising that a shop devoted entirely to licorice lives there. With a menu of over 100 types of licorice from around the world, you’ll be surprised how just one type of candy can fill an entire store. Not to be outdone though, the parlour has begun diversifying a bit by branching out into cotton candy! It’s a bold move in the licorice world, but we think we’re warming up to the combo.

1550 Anderson St, Granville Island


The Candy Room


If your weekly shopping list includes things like Big League Chew, Popeye Candy Sticks, or other treats you thought disappeared after the 80s and 90s, then The Candy Room is a one-stop-shop. Each aisle is bursting with ways to satisfy your sweet tooth, whether you’re after that long lost taste of childhood or just looking to try the newest flavour of KitKat. Disclaimer: This is the widest candy selection in Vancouver, so if you’re prone to sugar rushes, it’s best to pace yourself. 

1218 Robson St


Beta 5 Chocolates


A bit of a splurge if you’re feeling especially decadent, Beta 5 elevates candy to the level of Romanticism. With artful packaging and delicate chocolate design, you’ll think you were granted an audience with the honourable William Wonka himself. Award-winning chocolates, ice cream sandwiches, and housemade cream puffs brimming with velvety bliss; just typing this is shaking our will power to it’s very core. Extra points for their seasonal chocolate items to gift to someone special, and then insist on them sharing.

409 Industrial Ave, East Vancouver


Yum Sweet Shop


An old-school malt and candy shoppe, Yum is a sweet look into a more innocent time of when sharing a banana split meant going steady. You half expect to see Archie and Veronica sharing a float at the counter (the comic ones, not the angsty/moody version). A meticulously curated candy supply is outdone only by gourmet soft-serve, and homemade cookies and whoopie pies. In an effort to infiltrate every meal with a little sweetness, Yum even is selling blissful cereals for the mornings when you just can’t. We can’t decide if that is ingenious or just devious.

4150 Main St


The Main Street Sweet Tooth Trio:

Hasty Market
Main Convenience

While these three corner stores might not market themselves as leaders of Vancouver candy culture, YVR dentists know these locales as dens of sin. No matter if you’re looking for artisanal root beer from Australia, or the ever-elusive Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, there are more than a few wonderful ways to spoil your dinner. If you ever were hosting an evening of posh candy tasting, this would be your first stop. Finally, you can get to the bottom of what the differences are between  Butterfinger,  Crispy Crunch, and 5th Avenue Bar. Better stock up for further research.

Snackland: 3011 Main St

Hasty Market: 3150 Main St

Main Convenience: 4195 Main St

Ok, that’s enough candy talk for today. We’re gonna go lay down, but keep these spots in your back pocket for the next time someone asks you for something sweet to do in Vancouver.

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