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Over 50 craft breweries, thousands of farms, pockets of hyper-local wineries and meaderies, and talent from around the globe bring their crafts to over 6,000 restaurants. There’s so much delicious to discover in the Vancouver area that just picking a place to start can be daunting. Here, we present a broad swath of treasures on offer and the stories behind them.

Dive on in, and let your taste guide you.

In the past few years, Vancouver has positioned itself solidly on the world map of craft beer cities. Additionally, local spirit-producers are creating unique concoctions from home-grown ingredients for new takes on spirits like gins, whiskeys, and aperitifs. Add to this the fertile vineyards that have created award-winning wines for decades, and you have a place to definitely stop in for drink.

Whether you’re looking for a 5-course meal against a stunning backdrop, a quick stop at one of the city’s many food trucks, a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, a one-of-kind cocktail or a place to bring the whole family, Vancouver’s chefs, growers, brewers, and makers find so many ways to satisfy your cravings.

Part of what makes Vancouver such an exciting place to be is the rich mix of diverse cultures that colour everything we do, especially the way we cook! No matter where you’re coming from, you’re as bound to discover intriguing new tastes as you are to stumble upon the comforts of home.