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In the past decade, Vancouver has positioned itself solidly on the world map of craft beer cities. Additionally, local spirit-producers are creating unique concoctions from home-grown ingredients for new takes on spirits like gins, whiskeys, and aperitifs. Add to this the fertile vineyards that have created award-winning wines for decades, and you have a place to definitely stop in for drink.

To explore all the beer BC has to offer, stop by the BC Ale Trail website.

By Mainland Whisky INGREDIENTS Mainland Corn Whisky (1oz) Fresh lemon juice (2oz) Gingerale (2oz) 100% blackberry juice (.5oz) INSTRUCTIONS Dry shake* whisky and lemon juice. Pour over ice.…

Match Public House Langley

Langley has long held an important place in BC’s storied history, and now it’s burgeoning culinary scene is adding an exciting new chapter. Here are four of the happiest hours in Langley that show off its unique mix of modern moves and small-town charm.