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By It’s time to get out your chopsticks with the recent announcement of the Diners’ Choice Awards for the 2018 Chinese Restaurant Awards. And, once again, Richmond has come out on top, with twelve of the twenty-one winners forming part of the city’s vibrant dining landscape. Now in its tenth year, the successful Chinese Restaurant Awards aims to recognize excellence in both Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine in Metro Vancouver. The Diners’ Choice Awards were tallied from 35,219 on-line and WeChat votes from the public over the course of four weeks. The results showcase what the Lower Mainland has to offer in terms of exemplary Chinese and Taiwanese dining. Here are the twelve Richmond restaurants that the discerning voting-public thinks you need to try: Best Shanghainese Stir Fry Egg White Suhang Restaurant (100-8291 Ackroyd Road, Richmond) This popular Richmond establishment has won one of the four new dish categories.…