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Coquitlam lies roughly 15 kilometres east of Vancouver easily accessible by car and transit. Bordered by the Fraser River to the south and the Coast Mountains to the north, Coquitlam is a vibrant and diverse city which is reflected in the many cuisine choices. Authentic Korean BBQ, Filipino, Persian, Dim Sum, local craft beer and more abound in this city. Visit and find out why we like to say “fun is in our nature!”

Image by Marco Verch

More and more people are embracing a natural approach to living, particularly when it comes to food – but what are the actual benefits of eating organic, non-processed and sustainably produced fare? And, more to the point – does it taste as good as the junk we’re used to? Here are the not-so-dirty details, along with our three top picks for nourishing natural foods in Coquitlam, Canada.

By Sheliza Mitha It is precisely because Coquitlam’s Austin Heights neighbourhood is abundant with deliciously satisfying pizza joints – from locally-owned places to well-known chains – that makes…