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Only a 20-minute SkyTrain ride from downtown Vancouver, Richmond is a thriving coastal city with a dining scene as vibrant and diverse as the people that call the city home. More than 70% of the city’s population claims Asian heritage, so it’s no wonder that Richmond is famous for having some of the tastiest and most authentic Asian cuisine this side of the Pacific. Be sure to visit the Night Market, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Dumpling Trail.

East Van Bees Urban Honey

Almost immediately after the first harvest, many years ago, Sandve noticed something delicious about neighbourhood hives: each one tasted different. “It’s because whatever is in that neighbourhood, the bees are collecting,” he explains. “Some neighbourhoods have really nice streets lined with linden trees, or they’re near a ravine with lots of blackberries, or there’s a predominant [plant] in that area the bees like.