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Image by Marco Verch

More and more people are embracing a natural approach to living, particularly when it comes to food – but what are the actual benefits of eating organic, non-processed and sustainably produced fare? And, more to the point – does it taste as good as the junk we’re used to? Here are the not-so-dirty details, along with our three top picks for nourishing natural foods in Coquitlam, Canada.

East Van Bees Urban Honey

Almost immediately after the first harvest, many years ago, Sandve noticed something delicious about neighbourhood hives: each one tasted different. “It’s because whatever is in that neighbourhood, the bees are collecting,” he explains. “Some neighbourhoods have really nice streets lined with linden trees, or they’re near a ravine with lots of blackberries, or there’s a predominant [plant] in that area the bees like.