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By Anna Black Do you ever wonder what happens to all those bumped, bruised, or misshapen fruits and vegetables from your local farms and markets? Thanks to Surrey’s social enterprise Luv The Grub, produce seconds are finding a second lease on life, as delicious chutneys and jams rather than food waste, perfect for cheese and charcuterie boards, spread in sandwiches and wraps, or served with meats and sausage. Founded by social entrepreneur and Simon Fraser University Sustainable Innovation Lecturer Alia Sunderji, Luv the Grub was inspired by student research and Sunderji’s passion for poverty alleviation. The business partners with both farmers and markets to turn normal food waste into a pantry staple and along the way mitigate environmental and socioeconomic issues in the community. Sunderji and her team create paid employment training programs for women with varying barriers to employment, including those from the Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House’s Drive Youth…