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Being conscious about food systems and sustainability is about more than just shopping with reusable bags, and eating what’s in your fridge (although, those things are important!) Leaders in the movement have dedicated their lives to ethical practices, waste reduction, disrupting poverty cycles, education, reducing greenhouse gas emission, and community care. And, with climate change and inflation rearing their ugly heads, joining these champions in adopting sustainable practices has never been more important.  We’re proud to live in a region that is home to many food sustainability organizations that are paving the way for positive change in our food systems. From reducing fruit tree waste, to feeding the community with dignity, we’ve compiled a list of leaders in the industry that you can follow and support.  By Brittany Tiplady Online  Luv The Grub  Luv the Grub’s founder Alia Sunderji was teaching a sustainable innovation class at Simon Fraser when she…