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By Wade Kinley No matter where you live on the West Coast, we could all use a little more French in our lives. Now that’s especially true when it comes to our stomachs. Luckily for us in this part of the world, we’re never too far away from the rich taste and satisfying muah of a proper French dining experience. Here are five places in Metro Vancouver to find un repas magnifique! Tour de Feast Vancouver’s North Shore This unassuming little cafe tucked away on an industrial block next to the on-ramps to the Second Narrows Bridge offers up no-nonsense, authentic French fare to those who seek it out. Chef Dhurev Jhanjee and his wife Nupur Jhanjee who runs the front have earned a reputation for attention and consistency to everything French, from the cornichons on the house foie gras plate to the etiquette of service that will make…