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By Kristi Alexandra Fine diners, ethical eaters, and locavores alike can find common ground in Bees Knees Microgreens. While many revere the farm-to-table culinary trend, South Surrey-based entrepreneur and grower Samantha Stewart does one better by providing local chefs with fresh microgreens grown in their own backyard. Literally. “My house in White Rock has a small greenhouse,” Stewart tells WestCoastFood. “It’s an old glass greenhouse from the sixties, so, for [my] first season, I was able to grow out of that greenhouse for the market.” Talk about homegrown. Bees Knees Microgreens sprouted at the White Rock Farmer’s Market just a couple years ago where Stewart retailed microgreen varieties and mixes. Now, the small business supplies select local eateries with microgreens, along with catering and events. Sunflower and pea shoots, along with arugula, radish, and broccoli microgreens were among Bees Knees’ regular offerings at the market. “From there, I made some…