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By Matt Law Appearances, they say, can be deceiving. Despite an unassuming facade, The Richmond Public Market holds true to the expression. For almost 30 years, the market (located at 8260 Westminster Highway) has been home to food stalls offering traditional Asian fare as well as modern dishes with some twists. The first floor of the market is home to grocers, butchers, a bakery and a seafood stall. You can also find hand-made frozen dim sum to take home if you haven’t had your fill of Asian food. It’s best to visit the first floor after gorging yourself upstairs, lest you shop on an empty stomach. The second floor is where the fun begins Be warned, it is best to visit this floor with at least one friend as the portions are very generous. Jammed with stalls, the food court offers everything from the ubiquitous sweet and sour pork to…