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By Jaclyn Hayward Nestled at the corner of Commercial Street, close to the Victoria Diversion, lies a little Café that brings so much joy to the Kensington Cedar-Cottage neighbourhood. In 2017, Corina Li had a vision to turn the small corner-shaped building into a hub that serves tasty food and drinks to the community that surrounds it. Four years later, Chance Café stands vibrant and strong with an inviting menu of eats. “My vision revolves around togetherness with my family, specifically my brother. Growing up, my brother and I roamed the streets of East Van like our backyard, especially in the Trout Lake area. We looked out for each other so when the opportunity came up for us to open a café, we put our heads together to come up with the idea. My dream is to recreate the positive experience we had growing up and create a community where…