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By Kristi Alexandra Lauded for their great taste and health benefits, shrubs are having a day in the sun of late. Derived from the Arabic word sharâb, meaning “to drink,” shrubs are a drinking concentrate made with fruit and vinegar that complement alcoholic and booze-free beverages alike. So, if that sounds familiar, you may have spotted Heidi Kuhn of Mixers and Elixirs around Vancouver–perhaps at Olympic Village’s Fermentation Fest in previous years. Or, more recently, at local farmer’s markets (where you can find Mixers and Elixirs nearly every weekend). Kuhn, who owns and operates Mixers and Elixirs, produces small-batch shrubs made in Vancouver, harvesting local produce. “Shrubs work for people who drink alcohol…and people who don’t drink alcohol,” Kuhn explains to WestCoastFood, noting that you can mix it into a cocktail or drink it with a simple glass of soda water. “The magic of vinegar is that it preserves everything.…