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By Avneet Takhar In honour of International Women’s Day (IWD), we pay homage to those who are women-identifying that serve up some mean meals in and around Metro Vancouver. From bakers to caterers and servers of ancestral cuisine, these ladies are showing how it’s done and running the show with other supportive women and allies to keep the “girl power” realness intact. Here are our recommendations on where to dine, knowing that your dime is going towards equality-driven enterprises. Sweet Thea Bakery  Named after the owner, Thea, this bakery is a welcome addition to the Main Street location and a long-time favourite in Langley. The trademark red packaging makes their infamous fruitcake even more luxurious, containing brandied sour cherries from Okanagan and just the right amount of rum and spices to pack a punch. And if going savoury is more to your taste, they have focaccia and sourdough all week…