Feasts of Coquitlam: Slovakia – Coquitlam Heritage Society - West Coast Food
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Wed, Mar 06
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Coquitlam Heritage Society
1116 Brunette Avenue


Enjoy a culinary evening learning about the steps of making Svechkova, a traditional Slovakian beef sirloin dish.

“Learn about the culinary customs of the central European gem of Slovakia. Cooks Suzie Hartford and Edita Bartak will lead you through the steps of making their favorite dish called Svechkova, a beef sirloin marinated in water, vinegar, shredded vegetables and simple spices. After cooking the vegetable juices are blended and turned into a delicious cream sauce to accompany the dish. Along with Svechkova, feast on a steamed bread called Knedla and red cabbage. These dishes reflect the evololution of Slovakia itself as this area, now two countries (Slovakia and Czech Republic) were Czechoslovakia until 1993.”

Ticketed (12+)

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