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From: Pacific Gateway Hotel, Richmond Burger Pattie INGREDIENTS Ground Elk / Pork (2.27 kg) Worcestershire Sauce (15 ml) Kosher Salt (5 g) Pepper (5 g) Steel Cut Oats (500 g) Bacon or Bacon Ends (1000 g) DIRECTIONS 1. Medium Dice the bacon or bacon ends. 2. Cook until just before crispy. Allow to cool slightly. 3. Add all fat and bacon to a large mixing bowl. 4. Add pork and Elk to the mixing bowl. 5. Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl. 6. Mix well by hand or with a large mixer in small batches. 7. Pan fry small patty to test seasoning. Adjust if needed. 8. Make patties of any size or shape and chill for 2 hours in fridge. 9. Sear in pan or cook on BBQ. 10. Serve on your choice of bun, with cranberry barbecue sauce (recipe follows), and other toppings as desired. Gluten Free…