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By Jennifer Foden With spring finally here, people are starting to think about their gardens—from flowers and plants to vegetables and herbs. One popular selection is tarragon, a green culinary herb used in chicken, fish and egg dishes; it’s also a main ingredient in Béarnaise sauce. “Tarragon season in BC is essentially the whole growing season, from April to October,” says Conor Preston of Figaro’s Garden, a garden centre on Vancouver’s Victoria Drive (near the Commercial Drive neighbourhood). However, tarragon is one example of many herbs that are perennial and can survive non-extreme winters, like the ones in the Lower Mainland of BC. People often provide the herb shelter throughout the winter months by placing them in a greenhouse. In the summer months, tarragon likes sunshine, but not hot weather; another reason why the Lower Mainland is the perfect climate for growing this popular herb. “Tarragon is all about flavour,”…