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By Sheliza Mitha When you consider that Korean-Canadians are one of Coquitlam’s largest visible minorities, it should come as little surprise that a section of this city has unofficially become known as “Koreatown” – specifically the corner of North Road and Lougheed Highway. Chances are, you’ll know you’ve arrived in the right place when you hit the colourful English- and Korean-language shop and restaurant signs. Once here, kick off your culinary adventure with a visit to the Hanahreum Mart (known as H-Mart by locals), home to a dazzling array of Korean delicacies (think marinated meats, salty snacks, sweet treats, luscious breads, pastries and more.) The kimchi corner is particularly worth a visit. Korea’s national dish is well represented here with a seemingly-endless variety of this spicy pickled vegetable: cabbage, green bean, radish, daikon, scallion, eggplant, cucumber. If you’re feeling peckish, pick up lunch or a snack from the store’s hot…