North Road’s Very Own Koreatown - West Coast Food

By Sheliza Mitha

When you consider that Korean-Canadians are one of Coquitlam’s largest visible minorities, it should come as little surprise that a section of this city has unofficially become known as “Koreatown” – specifically the corner of North Road and Lougheed Highway.

Chances are, you’ll know you’ve arrived in the right place when you hit the colourful English- and Korean-language shop and restaurant signs.

Once here, kick off your culinary adventure with a visit to the Hanahreum Mart (known as H-Mart by locals), home to a dazzling array of Korean delicacies (think marinated meats, salty snacks, sweet treats, luscious breads, pastries and more.) The kimchi corner is particularly worth a visit. Korea’s national dish is well represented here with a seemingly-endless variety of this spicy pickled vegetable: cabbage, green bean, radish, daikon, scallion, eggplant, cucumber. If you’re feeling peckish, pick up lunch or a snack from the store’s hot food section. Try some kimbap – a Korean specialty of seaweed and rice wrapped around ham (or some other kind of meat) and pickled radish – or enjoy a tea (or coffee) with a Korean pastry.


After whetting your appetite, venture through the heart of Koreatown for more exceptional foods and flavours. If you’re interested in upscale dining, try Insadong Korean BBQ – where an array of marinated meats and seafood, along with exotic side dishes and sauces, are brought to your BBQ table (a table with a small grill at the centre), so you can cook your meat to perfection. Other savoury and delicious options in the area include Kimbap Cheonguk, Wonjo BBQ & Noodle Restaurant, Seok Gi Si Dae BBQ, Bukjang Korean Restaurant, Hee Lae Deung and Moa Box – among many others.

With nearly a dozen restaurants spanning this section of North Road and just beyond, choosing an authentic lunch or dinner spot is surprisingly easy… and tasty.

H-Mart Coquitlam
#100 – 329 North Rd, Coquitlam

Insadong Korean BBQ
403 North Rd, Coquitlam

Kimbap Cheonguk
341 North Rd, Coquitlam

Wonjo BBQ & Noodle Restaurant
508 Clarke Rd, Coquitlam

Seok Gi Si Dae BBQ
602 Clarke Rd, Coquitlam

Bukjang Korean Restaurant
341 North Road, Coquitlam

Hee Lae Deung
435 North Rd, Coquitlam

Moa Box
2973 Glen Dr, Coquitlam

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