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By Kristi Alexandra Here’s a list of refreshing, locally-crafted, non-alcoholic beverages for sipping on patios and in parks this season. Canoe Cola Canoe Cola makes craft sodas, hand-bottled with love on the West Coast. Made with less than half the sugar of the average pop, each bottle is only 60 calories. Flavours: Canoe Cola, with notes of citrus and warming spices. Canoe Fizzy Lemonade, with tart lemon perfectly balanced with hints of grapefruit. Where to find it: The Acorn, Harvest Union, Slickity Jim’s Chat & Choux, Rolling Cashew, The Stock Market, Strange Fellows, The Bakery Brewing, Kitsilano Natural Foods, Vegan Supply Chinatown, Vegan Supply Surrey, Parthenon Market Dickie’s Ginger Beer Dickie’s ginger beer is made fresh to order, every single week, with whole, all-natural ingredients. Organic cane sugar is used sparingly to keep it dry and refreshing, while the ginger is cold-pressed, bringing an exceptionally bright, clean flavour. Flavours: Ginger…