Stylishly Refresh with these Locally-Made Artisanal Sodas in Vancouver - West Coast Food

By Kristi Alexandra

Here’s a list of refreshing, locally-crafted, non-alcoholic beverages for sipping on patios and in parks this season.

Canoe Cola

Image Courtesy of Canoe Cola

Canoe Cola makes craft sodas, hand-bottled with love on the West Coast. Made with less than half the sugar of the average pop, each bottle is only 60 calories.

Flavours: Canoe Cola, with notes of citrus and warming spices. Canoe Fizzy Lemonade, with tart lemon perfectly balanced with hints of grapefruit.

Where to find it: The Acorn, Harvest Union, Slickity Jim’s Chat & Choux, Rolling Cashew, The Stock Market, Strange Fellows, The Bakery Brewing, Kitsilano Natural Foods, Vegan Supply Chinatown, Vegan Supply Surrey, Parthenon Market

Dickie’s Ginger Beer

Image courtesy of Dickie's Ginger
Image courtesy of Dickie’s Ginger

Dickie’s ginger beer is made fresh to order, every single week, with whole, all-natural ingredients. Organic cane sugar is used sparingly to keep it dry and refreshing, while the ginger is cold-pressed, bringing an exceptionally bright, clean flavour.

Flavours: Ginger Beer, made with fresh ginger and lemons.

Where to find it:  Dalina, Harvest Community Foods,  Donald’s Market, BluHouse Cafe, Bel Cafe, Cartems Donuterie, Field & Social, Meinhardt Fine Foods (Pacific Centre),Agro Coffee Roasters,Commercial Street Cafe, East End Food Coop, Strange Fellows Brewing, The Juicery Co., Pure Bread (seasonal), Westwood Organics, Be Fresh Local Market,  Beyond Bread, 33 Acres, The August Market, Elysian Coffee (7th and Ontario), Federal Store, Organic Acres, Nada Grocery Store, Welks General Store, Westcoast Poke, Re-Up BBQ , Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers, Gull Liquor Store, Big Rock Urban Brewery, Doan’s Craft Brewing Company, Le Marche St George, Meinhardt Fine Foods, Mag’s 99, Union Market

Ethical Soda

Ethical Soda
Image courtesy of Ethical Soda

Ethical Soda kombucha is brewed in North Vancouver, using blends of organic green and black teas, hibiscus flowers and lavender flowers as well as locally grown whole raspberries, blackberries and black currants. These richly-flavoured but tart beverages are brewed in small batches of 300 liters. It is packaged in lined cans in order to bring to market a live, naturally carbonated health beverage contained in a lightless environment to protect the live strains of culture.

Flavours: Lavender, with organic lavender infusion, organic green tea, organic cane sugar, culture. Hibiscus, with organic hibiscus flower infusion, organic cane sugar, culture. Original, with organic black tea, organic green tea, organic cane sugar, culture.

Where to find it: Tera V Burger, Amaranth Foods, Whole Foods, Blush Lane Organic Market,  Donald’s Market, Community Farm Store, Pomme Natural Market, Country Grocer

Callister Soda

Callister Soda
Image courtesy of Callister Soda

Callister Soda–an offshoot of Vancouver’s Callister Brewing–offers locally handmade, creative craft soda flavours. Brewed in small batches with high quality ingredients, Callister blends simple combinations and a minimal amount of sugar, making them a great alternative to a cocktail.

Flavours: Cream Soda, Ginger Mint, Raspberry Earl Grey, Traditional Tonic, Hibiscus Lemonade, Spruce & Hops, Blackberry Cardamom.

Where you can find it: Another Beer Co., Callister Brewing Co., Fraser Valley Cider, Garden Strathcona, Glass House Estate Winery, Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery, Gourmet Warehouse, Great Dane Coffee, The Magnet,

Loudmouth Brewing Co

Loudmouth Brewing Co. opened its doors to the public just last year, with craft sodas in mind alongside their draughts. Nicolas Mielty, founder of Loudmouth, made sure to cater to booze drinkers and craft anything lovers alike.

Flavours: Blueberry All-Natural Soda

Where to find it: Currently, The Loudmouth Brewing Co. tasting room for $2 per can.

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