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Hungry? Here are some of Metro Vancouver’s most coveted hamburgers. By Mark Shelling You gotta love a good burger. There’s no tastier staple of warm weather. While some may say the crown of summer snacks belongs to ice cream, or to a lesser degree, popsicles, we ask you: what memories do you have of catching the wafting allure of these things around your neighbourhood while out on your 10-speed? So with that argument now won, allow us to take a victory lap. These are 6 delicious items from the grill that you need to try ASAP (or at least before summer ends). Hundy This one may seem like an obvious pick for burger lovers in the know. However, if it’s not, and you’re only hearing of Hundy now, where have you been?? A straightforward approach with just the essentials (lettuce, tangy pickle, Hundyu sauce, cheese melted just right,) Hundy’s…