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By Mainland Whisky INGREDIENTS Mainland Corn Whisky (1oz) Fresh lemon juice (2oz) Gingerale (2oz) 100% blackberry juice (.5oz) INSTRUCTIONS Dry shake* whisky and lemon juice. Pour over ice. Add ginger ale to fill. Float blackberry juice and garnish with an orange twist. *Dry shake = To shake the ingredients in a cocktail shaker without ice. Surrey’s newest distillery opened their doors in December 2019. Their whisky honours traditional moonshine practices, with spirits that are hand-crafted, made in small batches and never chill-filtered. Mainland Whisky’s unique recipes highlight BC organic corn and barley.  Currently, Mainland has 3 whiskies available for tasting and purchase: Corn Whisky, Cinnamon Whisky and Wild Rose Whisky Liqueur.  Pick up a bottle and then put your bartending skills to the test with this recipe for their Mainland Punch. Mainland Whisky 107 – 3425 189 Street, Surrey

By Kristi Alexandra When you’re known for producing some of the nation’s best beer, having twice won the title of Canadian Brewery of the Year, you might think you’d stick to the winning formula. But ambition does not elude the key players at Surrey’s Central City Brewers + Distillers, who released a small batch premium whisky at the end of January. Brewmaster Gary Lohin, along with head distiller Stuart McKinnon, created one of only a handful single-malt whiskies in British Columbia. Aptly named Lohin McKinnon, the 43 per cent alc. per vol. craft spirit is aged in select oak barrels in small batches. While whisky-making might seem like a misnomer for a company known best for its beers, the duo maintains the process is not so different. “Brewing and distilling really isn’t that far apart so it’s a natural progression for us to start distilling,” says McKinnon. “The distilling process…