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Who says just because Christmas is over we need to snap back to that old 2020 feeling. We’re just glad it’s the end of the year, so our Season of Giving campaign can keep the gifts coming. This week, it’s all about getting countdown-ready with some of our favourite bottles and cans to pop. If you can’t be around your preferred company when the ball drops this year, then you can surely send them a long-distance cheers (or a gift card) from any of these outstanding BC beverage businesses.



Township 7


One of our fave places to pick up a bottle for dinner, this Langley winery also has a sister location in the Okanagan. With reasonable prices on big reds, aromatic whites and delightful sparkling, their straight to your door subscription service will keep you well-stocked through the colder months, so you don’t have to brave the elements. Their award-winning selection will definitely give a little extra glow to being cooped up through winter.



Camp Beer Co


A labour of love from Langley’s brewing community, this craft brewery and taproom is a paradise for beer lovers. Their eclectic beer list runs the gamut from delicious standbys like their Wet Hopped IPA, to more off the camp-trail picks like Twilight Mocha Stout, and Hopsecco Brut Pale Ale. Cracking one of these over a Zoom call is a surefire way to bridge any distance with a little carbonated holiday cheer. 



Langley City

Farm Country Brewing



If you’re in the Langley City area, an evening at home can always be improved with a little beer delivery. Farm Country Brewing brings the downhome character of dirt roads and good old-fashioned porch sittin’ to modern craft brewery technique. By keeping things simple with only three core beers (a divinely hopped IPA, a pilsner with a nice clean bite, and a traditional pale ale), they can free up their time to tinker a bit with seasonal flavours and ingredients. The ‘Udderly Delicious’ chocolate hazelnut ale is dark chocolatey heaven in a can, while the ‘Saddle Up Stout’ is velvety smooth with a coffee finish. Peruse their current features, and you’ll surely find a tipple to tip your hat to.




Strange Fellows


Celebrating all things unfamiliar, this popular Clark Drive Brewery was started with the philosophy that two complete strangers can share a beer together and find common ground. The duo founders mirror this outlook with their unique knack for experimenting with uncommonly delicious results. Blended, vintage beers, and barrel-aged brews are just the tip of the tap list when it comes to where your palate will end up. A reliably tasty way to close out an unpredictable year.



Cider House

While we never were in the tradition of drinking hot cider over the holidays, if it’s chilled to perfection with a sparkling bite, we might make an exception. This is where The Cider House shines. Vancouver’s new destination for anyone looking for a crisp and fruit-forward sipping menu, this fantastic Kits locale gives bright flavours regardless of the overcast outside. Whether you’re sitting-in and enjoying their outstanding plant-based fare, or sending a friend to try a pint of sparkling Blackberry Hibiscus, there are far worse ways to start the year.



Vancouver Urban Winery


We’ve always had a soft spot for this romantic Vancouver locale. Tucked away in Railtown, Vancouver Urban Winery is one of West Coast Foods’ preferred date spots. Sipping on their exquisite Rose (or any of their wines) is enough to take us back to the mood lighting dining room, open concept kitchen, and the intricately detailed fireplace. If you’re setting the scene for quality time, this will certainly do the trick.



New West 

Steel and Oak Brew Brewing Co. 


One of our most visited Lower Mainland breweries, Steele and Oak is definitely in our good beer books. To be fair, we’re not hard to please. All we need are a few core brews done exceptionally well, backed up by straightforward yet classy branding. Pop by their New West location or have a case delivered. Really any course of action that results in you trying the clean with a crisp finish of their Red Pilsner is right by us.



Dageraad  Brewing


When you’re crowned Brewery of the Year at the  Canadian Brewing Awards (2018), you’d better have the beer to back it up. Luckily for Burnaby’s Dageraad, one sip of their Belgian-style tipples, and you’ll know their street cred is well deserved. Mature palates will adore the craftsmanship at work throughout their beer list. The Birth of the Cool, a dry-hopped mixed-culture Saison, gives herbal hop overtones with the tart tang of fermentation, while their Rainshine, a hoppy blonde ale with grapefruit peel, is brewed with Citra hops for a sunny finish with every sip. We could go on, but you should likely just try for yourself. 



Cavallo Winery

We were only recently introduced to this little Surrey gem, but they’ve already won us over in record time! Their uncompromising standards for grapes is rivalled only by the meticulous process they subscribe to in creating each premium bottle. They borrow techniques from various world influences (German press, Italian bottling) and make them entirely their own. Try one of their bottles out, or join the Cavallo Club and get access to their exclusive wine curation program. 



Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks


You’ve likely heard the name (who could forget it?), but the beer behind it is just as memorable. Their award-winning brews channel nerd culture fandom and apply it to the subtle art of brewing. With labels featuring sci-fi characters in badass poses, and manga-style pixies, F&W wear their mantra of “Keeping beer weird” with pride. If you haven’t tried any of their concoctions out, we suggest starting with the Kiwami Plum Sour. Brewed with fresh plums, it’s like you’re sitting in the shade of a Japanese orchard wiping the juice from your chin. 




Mariner Brewing


What might be the most fun beers on this list, you can feel Mariner’s passion for their craft in every keg and can. This Coquitlam brewery will make a sailor out of you even if you don’t have your sealegs. We personally are partial to their fresh and zesty Thyme Lemonade Sour. A few quenching sips later, and you’ll think you had just spent a year on a desert island. 


So, what will you be sipping at the stroke of 2021? We hope you have a safe and responsible eve, but until then, visit our Instagram account to enter into our latest Spirit of Giving Giveaway! We’re ready to stock you up with credit to one of our favourite small businesses so you can ring the new year in with a bottle you hopefully haven’t tried before. Hit us up there, and let us know who you’ll be sharing a long-distance toast with!




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