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By Joyce Chua

Vancouver Foodie Tours

Street Food City is celebrating its fifth anniversary with Dine Out Vancouver, returning to the Vancouver Art Gallery from January 16-24, 2016. Vancouver has become one of North America’s top street food cities, tempting locals with a full spectrum of multicultural flavours.

Over 25 local food trucks will park in the Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza and, if it’s anything like past years, thousands of foodies will meet them there. This year, food trucks will be donating $1 of sales from special menu items to A Loving Spoonful – a volunteer-driven organization that provides meals to those living with HIV/AIDS in Metro Vancouver.

So what’s on the menu? Here are 6 Serious Eats to beeline for at Street Food City:

1. The “Hot Mama” at Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck

This spicy, savoury, sexy sandwich has got its eye on the prize in this year’s Grillled Cheese Challenge. Between two slices of garlic-buttered olive rosemary bread, you’ll find spicy sopressatta, sundried tomato feta spread, provolone, mozzarella, red onion and hot banana peppers. Truck owner “Mom” Cindy, is known for her irresistible combinations – this is certainly one of her finest!

2. The Beer-Braised Beef Sandwich from Feastro the Rolling Bistro

Beer. Braised. Beef. This carnivorous sandwich is slow-cooked in local hops – Persephone Brewing’s award-winning Dry Stout! Served with creamy coleslaw, housemade barbeque sauce and Feastro’s famous Kennebec fries, this flavour-packed mouthful also benefits A Loving Spoonful!


3. Le Tigre’s Kick Ass Rice (with Pork Belly)

Food truck loyalists salute Le Tigre’s Kick Ass Rice – a savoury Asian-fusion combination of rice, protein and perfectly poached egg. With a drizzle of hot sauce, the Kick Ass Rice always hits the spot. Whether you opt for Le Tigre’s classic popcorn chicken or decadent pork belly, don’t forget to add a side of crispy beet fries!

4. The “Splash” at Reel Mac and Cheese Truck

You can never wrong with a hot bowl of home-style ooey-gooey mac and cheese. Known for its movie-themed menu, owner Suzanne, will be serving up “Splash” – tempura-battered cod-on-a-stick (squiggled with Japanese mayo) seated atop her classic mac and cheese!

Reel Mac and Cheese

5. The Chorizo Burrito at Tacofino

Street Food City aside, the fish tacos at Tacofino are always a good idea. But, as Vancouver enters a cold spurt, why not warm up with a hefty chorizo burrito? For a sweet and spicy finish, add Tacofino’s signature dessert – the chocolate diablo cookie!

6. The Hoisin Chicken Wrap at Eat Chicken Wraps

If you’re thinking of a bland tortilla, think again! As one of Vancouver’s most-underrated food trucks, Street Food City may be the perfect opportunity to head for Eat Chicken Wraps. Sweet and salty hoisin chicken is layered with pickled veggies, cucumbers and lettuce, and encased by a crispy-fried Chinese green onion pancake. The result is beautifully crunchy, satisfying and delicious!

Street Food City is at the Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza
January 16-24, 2016
Monday – Friday: 11:00am-3:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

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