A Full Day of Feasting in Langley Part 3: Dinner at Chaberton Estate Winery - West Coast Food

Photos by Michele Mateus

Words by Alexis Baran

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A day spent trekking around farms and adding soil to your treads deserves a meal that takes all of what you’ve seen and wraps it into a smooth and elegant finish. And by that of course, I mean that wine pairings are imperative.

At the Chaberton Estate Winery you can explore the vineyards and then head to the Bacchus Bistro for selections of wine made right there, alongside rich French cuisine using local ingredients.

Wine in it’s infancy.

And then this is where the magic happens:

What glistens above is Tartrates or “wine diamonds.” When potassium and tartaric acid (both naturally occur in grapes) bind together they form crystals.

Chaberton’s corks are also refined right next to the where the grapes grow.

Because we certainly couldn’t have the wine leaving the winery naked, this clothing is for their Bacchus wine, which is their bestseller.

Once you’ve seen all the work that goes into the bottle, it’s time to work on getting it out of the bottle at Bacchus Bistro.

The menu has a diverse selection of fresh seafood, local meats, and flavourful salads done with French inspiration.

The Bacchus salad is thinly sliced smoked salmon over greens with tuna rémoulade sauce.
Chicken Dijonnaise: Free-range chicken breast braised in white wine and cream with Dijon mustard.
Fraser Valley Duck Leg Confit
Pomme Dauphinois

Deserts change daily – and no matter what they are, you’ll want to save room. 

On your way out, pick up a few bottles of your favourites at the tasting room.

Not sure what to take with you? Taste a few more!

Chaberton Estate Winery & Bacchus Bistro
1064 – 216 Street
Langley, BC

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