A Love Letter to East Van's Perfect Cookie - West Coast Food

I’ve eaten a lot of cookies in my day. But, if I’ve learned anything in my travels it’s that secret of making a good one, depends on two things:

  1. An outstanding cookie should always be slightly underdone. While it may look impossibly gooey out of the oven, once that baby cools, you’re going to have a perpetually soft biscuit no matter what temperature it’s at. And that is the sweet spot for diving into those nostalgic bites from when you were no taller than a Keebler.
  2. Boosting that savoury flavour. Anybody can dump sugar in flour, chuck a stick of butter in and call it a day. But for a cookie to transcend, there should be full palate engagement, not just the tip of the tongue.   

I wanted to outline these rules first because the “Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie” from Flourist Bakery takes these criteria and pushes them as far as they’ll go. That perfectly soft texture that implies they were just pulled off the cooling rack by an elderly English woman. The full savoury taste that gives a lingering umami flavour to the sweetness. The big chunks of chocolate from East Van Roasters, dusted with sea salt.

It all adds up to a symphony of taste. 

I’ve done extensive research on this (one Instagram message), and I’m told that another critical point is that Flourist mills its’ own Red Fife flour, which adds to the experience. 

I’ve literally only had this cookie once (it’s so good I was COMPELLED to write this). But upon finishing my last bites of it, I’m ready to make it my new ritual. Now if only I could find a top-shelf milk that was worthy of dunking this treasure.




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