An Exotic Culinary Tour in Coquitlam’s City Centre - West Coast Food

By Sheliza Mitha

Anchored by Coquitlam Centre (one of BC’s largest shopping centres) and the 100-acre Town Centre Park, Coquitlam’s City Centre is an evolving, ever-changing neighbourhood overflowing with delicious culinary opportunities around every corner.

Take a quick tour, and you’re sure to discover all the ways that the dining scene here so aptly represents the best of the city’s diversity – and could very well act as a sort of multicultural microcosm of Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. Here, you’ll find Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurants sharing the same city blocks with hip eateries and Middle Eastern specialties.


Lounge over drinks and appetizers at Browns Socialhouse, a perfect urban hangout with an eclectic menu to please nearly ever palate (think tacos, burgers, pizza, pasta and the list goes on). Just a few steps away is Legend House, boasting more handmade savoury, seasoned noodle dishes that you can possibly imagine – hot, cold, mild, spicy and whatever you might be in the mood for. For another taste of the Far East, stop by the award-winning Chada Thai for pan-seared tiger prawns delicately marinated in chilli and garlic lime sauce or stick with trusty favourites such as Pad Thai, Tom-Yum (hot and sour) soup or savoury Thai curries.


If you’re looking for the ideal comfort food, try a steaming bowl of pho at Delicious Pho (so good, it’s in the name), or catch some fresh sashimi at any number of the nearby Japanese restaurants (Nagano, Osamu and Sushi Town are just a few). Or drop by the impressive Grand Palace for some colourful dim sum in a modern and elegant setting. When it comes to extraordinary and authentic Asian cuisine, there’s no shortage of choices – all you have to do is pick.

And although Metro Vancouver has a long history of offering some exceptional Asian fare – such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese – admittedly Filipino cuisine has been slower to take off. But, that is happily changing with the highly-acclaimed Kulinarya – one of the Lower Mainland’s few restaurants serving traditional Filipino dishes like chicken adobo, fried tilapia and classic Filipino breakfasts (available all day).

Or travel to another part of the world with Urban Gate, home to the best of authentic Persian cuisine (with a nod to time-honoured kebabs cooked over a slow fire), but with a modern fusion twist.

Coquitlam’s diverse City Centre neighbourhood is centrally located near Coquitlam Centre and Town Centre Park, and is easily accessible by car and public transit (and will soon be serviced by the new Evergreen SkyTrain line).


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