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By Catherine Dunwoody

Award-winning Vancouver mixologist, Lauren Mote, and her talented chef husband Jonathan Chovancek, created their retail line of high-quality, small-batch bitters, known as Bittered Sling, back in 2012.

The product line won “Supplier & Producer of the Year” at the 23rd Annual Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards, and has been available for sale at Edible Canada on Granville Island since its launch. The big news? A special edition “Chinook” Bitters has resulted from that partnership, and is available exclusively at Edible Canada’s retail store on Granville Island and through their online shop.

Chinook’ is both the name of a prominent hop variety which Bittered Sling utilizes in their blend, grown in the Pemberton-Lillooet area, and of the warm winds that move down the BC Rockies into Alberta. The Chinook Bitters gets a bright citrus kick from fresh and dried grapefruit peels and botanicals combined with those hops – tasting just as summer should.

Image courtesy of Bittered Sling
Image courtesy of Bittered Sling

“We are huge fans of both Lauren and Jonathan” states Edible Canada President, Eric Pateman. “Their depth of experience and impeccable taste makes their products among the very best available, which is why we are so excited to announce our collaboration on a flavour specific to Edible Canada.”

What exactly does one do with bitters? Mote and Chovancek tell us “these notes would pair well with white spirits, blended scotch & Irish whiskies, dry vermouth and other aromatized wines. Alternatively, it also suits sparkling water, zero-proof cocktails, house made ‘raddlers’ and spices up a cider.” The Chinook bitters are a perfect addition to any cocktail party, or simply as a new pantry staple for vinaigrettes and fish cures.

“Our summer has started off with a bang and the Chinook Bitters by Bittered Sling are the first of many exciting collaborations with Edible Canada moving forward,” says Chovancek. “Eric and I have a great culinary past; we’ve done projects together since 2008, from Edible British Columbia pop-up dinners in the Granville Island Public Market, to Beijing, China, where we collaborated on events at the BC Canada House during the 2008 Summer Olympics.”

“As Edible Canada grows internationally, they are an ideal retail partner for Bittered Sling. It was an honour to create a private label for them, and we look forward to more collaborative initiatives in the future,” he adds.

At Edible Canada Bistro, be sure and order the ‘Chinook’ – a seasonal cocktail featuring these bitters, which will be available for the summer months. Curated by Edible Canada’s Bar Manager Harriet Vianello, the ‘Chinook’ is a refreshing whisky sour inspired concoction featuring Liberty Distillery White Rye and Noble Bourbon-Barrel Maple Syrup.

The special-edition ‘Chinook’ bitters are on sale today in Edible Canada’s artisan retail shop on Granville Island. Or, purchase Online $9.95 (plus shipping & applicable taxes) at

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