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We’re all about random National Days and using them as reasons to eat, but how can we go about celebrating an occasion that actually holds a lot of weight, like Earth Day? Aside from reducing emissions and being smart about waste, there are food-centric ways to help out, as we’ve learned through some local restaurants. A visit to any of these businesses will do your part to lighten your footprint every time you visit. Whether it’s because of compostable containers, a farm-to-table model that reduces transport and packaging, or by going vegan, you can make a positive change on the earth and eat great food while you’re at it.



The Yoga Chef 


Family-owned, wholesome food with compostable containers, The Yoga Chef is feel-good food on so many levels. With a plant-forward menu (and hormone-free protein add ons for meat eaters), this Port Coquitlam cafe/ meal prep / catering service has been keeping customers healthy and glowing since 2018. If you’re a first-timer, we suggest the Energy Buddha Bowl with pan-seared sriracha-maple glazed tofu, or the Grounding Brunch bowl with crispy potatoes, roasted yam and an added chicken breast. All produce is locally grown and as organic as possible, for an extra order of peace of mind.



Down 2 Earth Plant Parlour 



Another plant-based eatery, Down 2 Earth is one of our fave spots in Langley to grab a planet-friendly bite. All made in-house, from scratch and with fresh, seasonal ingredients, if there were ever such a thing as guilt-free brunch, it would be here. Piping hot waffles served with raspberry curd and cinnamon matcha butter, or a sweet and smokey “bacun” benny topped with cashew hollandaise, no one will blame you for ordering seconds. If you weren’t already sold, they also make a point of championing a healthy relationship between community and nature, “Living a plant-based lifestyle is about more than just food. it’s about showing more compassion to others, and committing to sustainability”.


New Westminster

El Santo 


One of our fave Mexican places full stop, El Santo has committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients since it opened in 2015. Executive Chef Sam Fabbro, prides himself on supporting local merchants and keeping dishes homegrown. This pledge to freshness and making the best of his location continues to make El Santo one of the best of New West. Order a takeout picnic of wild-caught salmon adobo, Fraser Valley chicken con salsa verde, and a couple of tacos, and venture down to Pier Park for the perfect summer evening.



North Shore 

The Green Moustache Cafe


We support your grooming habits if, at any point of the day you sport a green moustache. This North Van cafe is all about tasting the rejuvenating nectar of life and letting it run down your chin. 100% organic, plant-based, and gluten-free, Green Moustache is run with a very simple concept “food as medicine”. What started as a single Whistler location opened by owners Nicolette and Pierre Richer has since blossomed across six spots, all offering nutrient-rich and sustainably sourced fare. It’s no wonder they’re now a mainstay of the green forward food movement in BC. 






One of Robsons Street’s best, Forage has been a destination for conscious-minded restaurant-goers for nine years now. With a focus on local and sustainable producers, Forage’s menu directly connects diners to local fishers, foragers and farmers. By supporting this outstanding eatery during a particularly tumultuous time, your gesture pays off 3-fold. One, you support a small business, two, you directly support local merchants, and three, you lower the footprint caused by shipping in ingredients from outside BC. Oh, and four your significant other will be speechless at how tasty it all is.




White Rock

 Grounds & Greens Cafe


We’ve gushed about these guys before, but it never hurts to show a little extra love. Grounds and Greens is the number one spot in White Rock for anyone looking to try a green-focused menu. Another family-run business, every time we try something new here it immediately becomes our new go-to. Right now, we love the homemade cocoa-granola with coconut milk yogurt, and the breakfast wrap with a side of caesar salad. It’s hard to describe on paper how good these are, so we’ll let the owner’s philosophy speak for the food: “We wanted to build a community of people and families who value kindness and are committed to improving themselves and the environment.” A good deed never tasted so good.



Oh, and happy Earth Day! Hopefully these spots will help you ring it in with a renewed focus on sustainable eating. Which spots did we miss? We’re always on the lookout for delicious options that keep the future of the planet in mind.

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