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By Catherine Dunwoody

West Vancouver’s best-kept secret is the bright, airy Temper Café, specializing in European pastries, cakes, and chocolates. Every bite at the café is freshly made in-house by pastry chef / owner Steven Hodge.

We got the goods on Temper and  interviewed Hodge himself.

Where were you born?

Steven Hodge: London, Ontario

What was food like in your growing up household?

Steven: We are Croatian so mom would always make traditional Croatian food for the family.

Did you cook at home during your childhood?

Steven: Yes, all the time! Every night I cooked with my mom, and we would bake pies and desserts all the time.  We never went out for dinner.

Where did you study culinary and when?

Steven: California School of Culinary Arts, when I was 21 years old.

Most rewarding experience in your earlier days? Any mentors?

Steven: Working with Pastry Chef Regis Negrier in London, UK. Chef John Lewis guidance through apprenticeship. Now he’s an instructor in Vancouver Community College.

Does Temper offer classes?

Steven: We host chocolate classes for kids and chocolate & wine classes for adults at Temper.

What is your signature dish?

Steven: Charlie Bites, named after my daughter.

Image courtesy of Temper Pastry

What were your biggest challenges as a chef?

Steven: Starting my own business, I am not very good at the business side of things when it comes to running my own place so my sister and wife are in charge of that for me. I am lucky to have them!

Any advice for young people who aspire to be chefs or restaurateurs?

Steven: Travel, see the world and work! This is the kind of career that gives you opportunities to travel, do it and you will learn more than you bargain for!

Temper Pastry
2409 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC


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