Deli-ciously Diverse European Delights in Coquitlam - West Coast Food

By Sheliza Mitha & The City of Coquitlam

The temperate climate of BC’s Lower Mainland makes it especially easy to enjoy impromptu (and planned) barbecues and picnics – particularly in the warmer months of spring, summer and early fall. So, why not take it easy on yourself and enjoy the weather… and let someone else (preferably an expert!) do all the prep work?

Enter Coquitlam’s array of specialty and multicultural delis, where you’ll find everything from authentic Italian salami and street food to Eastern European delights and even some flavourful Persian treats and meat.

Here are just a few Coquitlam delis (in alphabetical order) where you can pop in and grab what you need for a quick and delicious meal:

Euro Food Tri-City Deli & Catering

1-555 North Road

Tucked away in Coquitlam’s North Road, this eclectic deli features most anything one could imagine from Central, Eastern and Northern Europe. Think smoked fish, sturgeon caviar, and hard-to-find salamis and sausages (including Pick salami, reputed to be the world’s oldest salami recipe) and cheese (such as Greek sheep cheese and creamy Macedonian goat cheese). You’ll also find some delicious house-made items – including salads, borscht, goulash, cabbage rolls, poppy-seed strudels, etc. While here, enjoy a cup of tea and the specialty item of the day (fresh crepes anyone?). Or snack on a frozen treat reminiscent of a mini cheesecake dipped in chocolate. Pick up a unique drink made from bread (yes, bread). This colourful store also carries an impressive variety of pickled vegetables, spices, teas, coffee, ginger breads and dry breads from Latvia, Russia and Ukraine, along with authentic Russian candy, chocolate and much more.

Euro Food Tri-City Deli & Catering
Euro Food Tri-City Deli & Catering

Giancarlo Deli

1115 A/B Austin Avenue

Giancarlo’s might just be one of the most perfectly casual spots to get your Italian caffeine fix in Coquitlam. While here, check out the colourful shelves of pasta, sauces, imported biscuits, crackers, juices and more. Dine in with one of the freshly made sandwiches or take home items for later such as homemade lasagne, sauces and an array of cheese and savoury cold cuts from the deli case (salami, prosciutto, rosemary ham and more).

Rocco’s Deli Eatalian Street Food & Market

228 Schoolhouse Street

A visit here yields a true taste of Italy with fresh panini, salads and deli items that include Italian charcuterie and a fully-stocked market of authentic pasta sauces and other Italian staples. Olive oil connoisseurs will especially love Rocco’s olive oil tap, where you can browse and refill your own bottles. Be sure to also visit Rocco’s website to get some healthy, homemade and tasty recipes… then make your way here to pick up the ingredients. (Yes, it’s that simple.)

Euro Food Tri-City Deli & Catering
Euro Food Tri-City Deli & Catering

Sumbul Supermarket

A – 1037 Ridgeway Avenue

With friendly staff always at the ready, Sumbul has a full offering of fresh and frozen halal meat, such as beef, lamb, chicken, turkey as well as a variety of specialty Middle Eastern groceries. Along with ample selections of Basmati rice and halwa, you’ll also find fresh fruit, vegetables and bulk items of nuts, raisins, dried berries, toasted pine nuts and other essentials.

Tina European Deli

931 Brunette Avenue

This European deli features an array of culinary delights that are sure to please most any appetite and palate. From canned goods to sweet treats and more, this deli is home to some flavourful ingredients and foods that are uniquely European.

Urban Gate

102 – 1158 The High Street

Part restaurant/part deli, Urban Gate has it all. Along with a full-service restaurant, Urban Gate features a Middle Eastern/Persian supermarket that presents everything from local and imported spices to an entire corner dedicated to some impressive (and tantalizing) pastries. In another section, you’ll find some remarkably fresh cuts of meat (including a one-of-a-kind lamb selection) with expert, knowledgeable butchers who are ready to slice and dice. All you have to do is fire up that oven or barbeque.

Urban Gate pastries
Urban Gate pastries

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