Drink Up the Health Benefits of Matcha with Whisk from Richmond - West Coast Food

by Catherine Dunwoody

Health enthusiasts know the benefits of drinking green tea, especially matcha, due to the fact that the bright green stuff is rich in antioxidants, boosts memory and energy levels, plus detoxifies the body.

New Whisk Premium Matcha is the brainchild of Richmond, BC entrepreneur Kimmy Xiao, and this mother of two is pretty stoked about finding, and sharing, the highest quality out matcha out there.

Sourced in Kyoto, Japan, this organic tea is brought in for Xiao’s Whisk brand, then packaged right in Richmond before selling to us online or at select stores throughout the GVRD, including Pure Barre Studios.

Three different grades of matcha are available (including the esteemed Pinnacle Gold), plus a selection of accessories and beautifully packaged gift sets just in time for the holidays. Xiao states that “we want to bring this authentic artisanal matcha experience to people’s everyday life while promoting a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.”

Image provided by Whisk Premium Matcha
Image provided by Whisk Premium Matcha

Since matcha gives us that kick in the pants that coffee does, but without the crash mid-day, all we can say is arigato – and give this gorgeous green stuff a try.

Find out more at www.whiskmatcha.ca

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