Brewery & the Beast - West Coast Food
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Sun, Jul 29
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Concord Pacific Place
88 Pacific Blvd


Local chefs demonstrate their skill and passion for meat through a wide variety of delicious and inspired creations. Local and regional farms provide the highest quality meats to be featured in various creative cooking methods. Whole animal roasts, signature dishes, full-flavoured exotic foods, house-made sausage, charcuterie, smoked meats, ethnic-inspired creations, and classic BBQ are all showcased at Brewery & The Beast.

In addition to the all-you-can-eat meat, there is delicious craft beer provided by the Phillips Brewing Company, Left Field Cider & BC Wines. Phillips’ craft sodas, specialty coffees and Kombucha Tea are also served to accompany the dishes of the day.

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