Dimsum Chinatown Tour: Dine Out Vancouver - West Coast Food
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Sat, Jan 25
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

50 East Pender Street
50 East Pender Street


Dim Sum, which means “Point of the Heart”, lives up to its name in Vancouver, BC’s historic Chinatown. Originally a Cantonese family tradition (sometimes called Yum Cha (drink tea)) with small, shared dishes, often served in bamboo steamers, Dim Sum has become a staple for foodies in the lower mainland and all over the world.

Learn a little more about Historic Chinatown while we walk from the Chinese Cultural Center to a couple of our favourite Dim Sum restaurants to start the tasting part of the tour. From there we take you to try Chinese BBQ as well as a Tea Ceremony. This is one of the favourite tours by the team at Canadian Craft and is only offered through the Dineout season.

Tickets and more information. 

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