Hot off the Presses: Ned Bell of Ocean Wise Publishes his First Recipe Book - West Coast Food

Catherine Dunwoody

Is there a seafood enthusiast on your Christmas list? We found the perfect present. Chef Ned Bell has his first cookbook recently published, titled Lure Sustainable Seafood – Recipes from the West Coast.

Ned’s mission to bring sustainable seafood to restaurants and fish markets around BC, and now to our own kitchens with this cookbook has been impressive. As Dr. David Suzuki, award-winning scientist, environmentalist, and broadcaster says, “Ned’s passion for sustainable seafood is infectious and this book irresistible. Bring his recipes into your home to support healthy oceans.”

Lure walks the reader through all things fish, from selecting to preparing, to cooking and serving fresh, delicious meals.

With 80 recipes to make at home included, it’s a useful edition to any foodie’s library.

Here’s a sneak peek with Chef Ned Bell’s recipe for Salmon Bake.

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