Join Langley City's International Tastebud Tour - West Coast Food

You might not be able to travel just yet, but that shouldn’t stop your palate from doing a little culinary globetrotting!

Lucky for you, you’ve got an atlas of food possibilities not far off. The Langley City International Taste Bud Trail is a celebration of all the delicious restaurants that make up this Lower Mainland foodie destination. It doesn’t matter which cuisine you’re looking to stamp on your passport, this self guided tour will get you there in in time for dinner. Craving a little Latin kick? The famously generous portions at Adelicia’s Mexican Restaurante will have you reaching for a margarita to cool down with. Looking to celebrate the end of your carb cleanse? Then a visit to Olivo Pasta is the ideal spot to show off your pro pasta twirling.

Avishan Middle East Grill for Barg (grilled lamb tenderloin) with fresh homemade Barbary bread? Or a vegan strawberry cheesecake sinnabun at PinkAvo Cafe? There are far too many questions, to ask, but thankfully the answer to every one is delicious. 

You can plan your itinerary here. Just don’t forget to send us a postcard from each worldly menu!

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