Let's Rally Food Fam: Surrey's Afghan Kitchen - West Coast Food

Running a small business is tough in the best of times, never mind having to deal with a pandemic. But at the family-run Surrey restaurant Afghan Kitchen, they’ve sadly had to deal with even more hurdles recently.

This past week, owner Hassib Sarwari came to work to find that a vandal had caused more than $5,000 worth of damage to the restaurants’ patio and outdoor heaters. To make matters worse, the window on Sarwari’s car had been smashed in. Footage of the incident was captured here.  

Thankfully no one was hurt, but it’s just a disheartening reminder that good people can still be struck with bad luck. This isn’t the first time that Afghan Kitchen was the target of similar incidents either. Last year, thieves stole potted plants from the patio on two separate occasions.

We don’t usually write articles about news items like this, but what better opportunity to show some love to a fantastic local business?
We’ve frequented AK many times since it opened four years ago, and every time we’re always impressed by the warm service and outstanding Afghan fare.

The slow-cooked lamb shanks defy description with how tender and flavourful they are. The Afghan chicken is worth the visit alone, and it’s no wonder the staff routinely have it after a shift has ended. For dessert, fresh vegan mango gelato is the perfect complement to the spice of your meal.
Beer flights, craft cocktails, AK is one of the most well-rounded culinary experiences you can have in South Surrey, and it’s worth going out of your way to try it. 

That’s what’s great about being part of a food community like the one we have on the Lower Mainland,  we can watch out for each other and support small businesses when they need it.

So let’s rally food fam!



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