Lift YVR Takes Airport Cuisine to New Heights - West Coast Food

By Catherine Dunwoody

Vancouver International Airport just opened a new restaurant much to the delight of travelers – Lift Bar & Grill. Yep, the same company as the original luxurious Coal Harbour location in downtown Vancouver. If you’re in the international terminal, you can’t miss this gorgeous new eatery, wrapped around YVR’s iconic aquarium.

Image courtesy of Lift Bar & Grill

As we all know restaurant design is crucial, the blend of warm oak, steely blues and charcoal pairs well with the Oceanwise-certified seafood-dominated menu. Executive Chef Soojin Park has moved over from the downtown location, and brings her talents as a chef at Toronto’s famed Pan-Asian restaurant, Rain, and in-the-trenches experience on the Food Network series, Made to Order.

Image courtesy of Lift Bar & Grill

Plenty of sushi and sashimi appears on the menu, plus trendy tuna poke, and lobster mac and cheese. Carnivores will love the wild boar pork belly and vegetarian pad Thai will please the herbivores in the crowd. Brunch? Tuck into the braised beef hash or smoked salmon omelet before grabbing that long international flight. Knowing what the in-flight food options are on most flights, you’ll be glad you did.

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