Recipe: Cherry Galette - West Coast Food

By Chef Shaun Maclean of H Tasting Lounge

H Tasting Lounge plans to stretch out the summer by serving this mouthwatering dessert that features cherries (a summertime staple) and a heaping scoop of your Uno Gelato flavour of choice. Read more here.



Cherries (400g, pitted)
Lemon juice (1 tbsp)
Sugar (100g)
Salt (½ tsp)
Tapioca starch (20g)


Cold butter (1lb, cut into small cubes)
Sugar (½ cup)
Vanilla (¼ tsp)
Salt (¼ tsp)
Flour (4 cups)
White wine (½ cup, cold)


Butter (¼ lb, room temp
Sugar (¼ lb)
Almond flour (¼ lb)
Salt (¼ tsp)
Vanilla (¼ tsp)
Eggs (2)
Flour (¼ cup)



Combine all ingredients in a pot, bring to a simmer for 15 minutes, cool, and set aside.


1. Add all ingredients (except the wine) into a mixer bowl, turn paddle on low until the butter is broken up into even pea-sized pieces.

2. Add the wine and mix just until the dough comes together. Wrap and place in fridge for an hour before using.


1. Beat all ingredients except eggs and flour in a mixer until fluffy.

2. Add eggs one at a time until combined, scrape sides of bowl.

3. Add flour just until mixed.

Cherry Galette

1. Divide dough mixture into 6 pieces. Roll out on a floured surface to the size of your open hand.

2. Place 4 tbsp. of the frangipane onto the dough, and spread to ½ the size of the dough.

3. Spoon cold cherries on top of the frangipane, and then fold the edges of the dough up and slightly over the cherries.

4. Egg wash the outside of the dough, and bake at 375 degrees for 18 minutes, or until golden brown.

Cool for 15 minutes, and serve with a scoop of Uno Gelato ice cream (we recommend keeping it simple with chocolate or vanilla).

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