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By Kristi Alexandra

Global grub can be found all over the Lower Mainland, but where do you go to find a bite of comfort food? A map of some of the best places to find a great sandwich (besides the corporate franchises) in the Royal City of historic New Westminster will put your mother’s brown bags to shame.

Big Star Sandwich Co.

1. Big Star Sandwich Co.

The most obvious haunt to hit when craving a huge hunk of sandwich is downtown New Westminster’s Big Star Sandwich Co. Offering up 27 different sandwiches — like the beef dip with demi-glace gravy or the turkey and stuffing — on a fresh baked filone, this Columbia Street spot pairs subs with vintage sodas that Pop Tate would be proud to serve.

Columbia Street Sandwich Co.

2. Columbia Street Sandwich Co.

Tucked into a narrow shop front along Columbia Street, you’d be forgiven for missing this gem if not for its sandwich board out on the sidewalk. This small shop can be revered for its mom & pop vibe (or, in this case, mom & mom) and incomparably comforting sandwiches. Try the turkey, bacon & avocado sandwich or go with a classic egg salad sandwich that recalls the most impressive high tea you’ve ever been to. With prices starting at $4.50, it’s practically robbery.

Holland Shopping Centre

3. Holland Shopping Centre

Among Dutch curios and groceries, the Holland Shopping Centre’s deli serves up handmade sandwiches on a bun by request. Dutch favourites include broodje kroket (a smashed croquette on a bun with mustard), broodje haring (raw herring on a bun with white onions) or a custom meat-and-cheese bun (blood sausage and edam, anyone?). Starting at $3.50, there’s no reason not to try out a bite while doing a Netherlands-inspired grocery shop.


4. Re-up BBQ

For a trip to the south via the Fraser River, Re-Up BBQ delivers that smoky, slow-roasted and calorie-rich fare. Known well for their order-and-eat pulled pork sandwiches or their take out BBQ kits complete with coleslaw, one giant bun you can’t miss is the spicy fried chicken sandwich. A few alligator-sized bites into this $9.75 serving,  you’ll be crying Uncle. Trust us.

Bahn Mi Bar

5. Bahn Mi Bar

BBQ chicken bahn mi with beef pho is a common staple at many Vietnamese restaurants, but Bahn Mi Bar flips the tradition on its head. Served up sub-style on French bread, Bahn Mi Bar offers up cold cuts, meatballs and even a vegan sub as an option, with sandwiches starting at just $4.50 (taxes included). Sweetening the deal, the shop even offers a stamp card (as if they could get any more affordable).

6. Greens & Beans Deli Café

For the lunch-timer crew (the shop has limited hours), Greens & Beans Deli Café opens for classic comfort food fare, including soups and sandwiches. Classics appear starting at $3.75, but specialty sandwiches such as the Turkey Elaine (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo on a Kaiser Bun) and the Autumn Bomb (turkey, tomato, lettuce, hot peppers, pickles, mayo & mustard on toasted flax) steal the show. On occasion, Greens & Beans has even welcomed Seinfeld’s “soup nazi” for an appearance or two.

Burger Heaven Restaurant

7. Burger Heaven Restaurant

Known best for their mile high burger and their political burger polls, it might be hard to imagine one would come here for a bite between two slices of toast — but oh, one does. While the sandwiches don’t run cheap, they do get piled high. The grilled Hawaiian Delight and toasted Heavenly Club give even the joint’s exotic meat burgers a run for their money.

Anny’s Dairy Bar

8. Anny’s Dairy Bar

While some French Canadians seem to prefer our West Coast weather, they still do enjoy the taste of their own grub. Poutine, steamies, and stuffed Montreal smoked meat sandwiches reign supreme at Anny’s Dairy Bar in Uptown New Westminster. Rye, corned beef, and a healthy helping of mustard tickle the taste buds. Top it off with some classic maple twist ice cream.

Coming Home Café

9. Coming Home Café

Shameless comfort food without the subtlety — could the name be any more indicative of what they’re all about? Loved most for their bistro-style brunch, Coming Home Café also offers up goods like the sumptuous havarti grilled cheese on two whole-grain slices.

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