Six Cocktails to Celebrate the Season in Metro Vancouver

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That time when Santa’s helpers toil away around colourful flights and lots of ice, building delicious seasonal cocktails for all the good boys and girls. Here’s where to get your hands on these very toastable potables around Metro Vancouver this year.

The Fall Negroni at Nightingale 

Image courtesy of Nightingale

While it feels like Winter, it’s still technically Fall, and whatever, it’s always a good time for a Negroni. This one is infused with traditional holiday flavours of fig and rosemary.

Vancouver: 1017 W. Hastings Street

Night of a Thousand Eyes at Keefer Bar 

Image courtesy of The Keefer Bar

This one smacks of that “special” coffee you take up Robson Street to keep your hands warm while Christmas shopping, or to keep you from lashing out while Christmas shopping. Kahlua, amaro, espresso and a salted caramel sake.

Vancouver: 135 Keefer Street

Sweater Weather at Sons of Vancouver Distillery 

Image courtesy of Natahsha Prakash

Cozy up to this popular distillery’s tasting room favourite made from sparkling wine, their very own Junicopia Gin (“juniper on juniper on juniper”) with the added warmth of thyme and honey.

North Vancouver: 1431 Crown St

Gravity Well at Moodswing Bar 

Image courtesy of Moodswing Bar

Perfect for those dark winter nights that start mid-afternoon, this slow-sipper features house-made sesame-washed scotch, tequila blanco, calamansi citrus and the big bright sweetness of tamarind and grenadine, all infused with basil.

New Westminster: 655 Front Street

Whiskey Spiced Sangria at CASK 

Image courtesy of CASK

Think sangria is a drink just for patios in the sunny months? – unh-uh. Cask Whiskey Vault has brought summer’s favourite sipper indoors for the winter, warming red wine up with whisky, spiced rum, Cointreau, 13 spice syrup, and orange juice.

Richmond: 8400 West Road

Negroni al Cioccolato at Fiorino

Well, we began this list with a negroni and we’ll finish up with one as well. And judging by this version’s very dessert-like qualities, it just works. Here, the standard gin and vermouth is sweetened by Grand Marnier and Poli Ciok, an Italian cocoa liqueur. It’s topped with steamed milk and shaved chocolate to create the perfect digestif for all those holiday meals.

Vancouver: 212 E Georgia St



Sons of Vancouver Distillery: 10-minute walk from an R2 RapidBus stop
Moodswing Bar: 5-minute walk from New Westminster SkyTrain Station
CASK: 10-minute walk from Bridgeport SkyTrain Station
Nightengale, Keefer Bar, Fiorino:  There are many ways to get to each of these spots in downtown Vancouver by transit. Visit TransLink’s Trip Planner to find your way.

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