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By Brittany Tiplady

Have you ever wondered just how many dim sum restaurants there are in the city of Richmond? The answer is over 40. If that incredible selection means you’re overwhelmed by the amount of options, you’re not alone! Richmond is renowned for its abundant and authentic selection of Asian cuisine.

But lucky for you, we love giving a good dining and menu recommendation, and dim sum falls under that category. Next time you’re hungry for dim sum—week day or weekend— consider making a reservation at Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant.

“Chef Tony is a dim sum restaurant during the day, and a dinner restaurant at night. Their dinners tend to me more homestyle Chinese food but with more elegance to it. They are considered a fine dining restaurant, and that’s definitely part of what makes them unique,” explains Lesley Chang, communications manager for Tourism Richmond.

Chef Tony Restaurant arrived in Richmond January, 2014 and now boasts sixteen tables in the restaurant’s main banquet hall and four VIP rooms. The executive chef and namesake, Chef Tony He, is a veteran of the industry in Canada, the US, and China. He currently divides his time between Canada and China, using his Yi Dong Seafood Restaurant in Zhongshan City “as a training centre for cooking professionals and a hub for creating new dishes.”

“One of the things that a lot of the dim sum restaurants pride themselves on is the quality and the freshness of the food that they serve. And I think the thing that sets Chef Tony apart is the quality of the food and the service as well as the atmosphere,” says Chang, “a few of the dim sum restaurants might be a bit more budget, but this one is definitely more high-end.

Chef Tony uses some ingredients you wouldn’t normally find in a Cantonese restaurant. They were probably one of the first of their kind, locally, to use black truffle in their dishes, and they are always injecting new ingredients that you wouldn’t normally see.”

Image courtesy of Chef Tony

With that being said, ordering dim sum can be just as intimidating as picking the spot. But have no fear, we talked to the experts about what to order when indulging in dim sum at Chef Tony.

For dumplings these three must not be missed:

  1. Steamed cuttlefish ink shrimp dumplings
  2. Black truffle, pork and shrimp dumplings
  3. Shrimp and matsutake dumplings

Other stars of the menu include:

  1. Steamed bun filled with salty egg yolk lava. “The salted egg yolk lava buns are made black with squid ink and are served with a splash of gold on top,” says Chang.
  2. Flaky Almond meatloaf sticks
  3. Steamed sweet soft sponge cake

Chef Tony is located at 4600 No. 3 Road in Richmond. Reservations are recommended. Call 604-279-0083 to reserve your table; it’s best to enjoy dim sum with a group.

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