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By Catherine Dunwoody Anyone familiar with Vancouver’s Main Street eatery Burdock & Co knows Chef Andrea Carlson has a vision. And one that you can taste in every delicious bite. She sat down to share her story. What was food like in your growing up household? Andrea Carlson: Low key – we ate out a lot and I fended for myself often with frozen dinners. Did you cook at home during your childhood? Carlson: When I was 13, I picked up a copy of Craig Clairbourne’s New York Times Cookbook at the book store on a whim and started cooking Julia Child’s chocolate mousse recipe and others when we would have company over. Where did you study culinary and when? Carlson: I studied in Vancouver way back in the day at The Dubrulle Culinary School. It was the place to go for a less trade school approach. Was Sooke Harbour…