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When it comes to refreshing and timeless warm weather cocktails, maragaritas and mojitos are obvious crowd-favourites—but what if you’d like to *shake it up*? The Cilantro & Hoja cocktail from Noah’s Cafe Owner and Chef Cliff Chi is an inventive and refreshing spin on a classic summer cocktail. The Cilantro & Hoja is margarita and mojito-inspired cocktail, featuring the flavours of mint, shiso, and cilantro (of course.) If you are a cilantro lover, this drink will satisfy you all summer long! Recipe by Cliff Chi INGREDIENTS  LOS SIETE MISTERIOS Mezcal ( .5 oz) Cazadorez Tequila (1 oz) Cointreau ( .5 oz) Mint (8-10 pieces, +1 sprig for garnish) Cilantro (2-3 sprigs, + 1 sprig for garnish) Shiso (1-2 pieces) Simple syrup ( .5 oz) Ms. Better’s black pepper cardamom bitters (1 dash) Walter’s Caesar spice (for rim) INSTRUCTIONS Rim the glass with Walter’s Caesar spice.  Combine the rest of the ingredients…