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Dine Out 2020


by Tourism Vancouver Take your taste buds abroad at Dine Out Vancouver Festival’s most anticipated culinary event. The fifth annual Vancouver World Chef Exchange, will bring award-winning chefs from global culinary hubs to Vancouver for a series of four collaborative  dinners, featuring flavours from Toronto, Cork, Monterrey, and a cross-Pacific Indigenous Nations collaboration with chefs from Edmonton and Auckland. During each event, the visiting and local chefs will join forces to produce an incredible multi-course dinner at the Vancouver chef’s restaurant, taking inspiration from their respective restaurants’ most popular dishes; their own cultural influences and favourite fare; and local and seasonal ingredients. Here are this year’s pairings: All-Canadian Toronto’s Chef Charlotte Langley & Vancouver’s Chef Shelome Bouvette Where: Chicha Restaurant When: January 21 at 7:00 PM Details: An all-female, all star east coast meets west coast seafood dinner and wine pairings. Chef Charlotte Langley (East Coast) and Chef Shelome Bouvette…