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Winter is upon us, and you know what that means? Comfort food. Hearty, solid meals for the belly and soul. Luckily for us, Nwadiani has opened up his store location of Van Suya just in time to bring some light in our lives during these dark and brooding days, with some much-needed nourishment.  We speak about his long overdue journey from DoorDash to doors wide open, and welcoming people to experience his food IRL in what is predicted to become Surrey’s West African hot spot. “Praise the lord 😫🤩.” –  IG follower’s comment on Van Suya’s Beef and Chicken Suya You heard it here first! Now let’s get into it with the man himself. By Avneet Takhar You’ve made a real name for yourself in the food scene out here, Ekaose. How’d it all start? Seven years ago I moved out to Vancouver for my Master’s in Business Administration! Entrepreneurship…