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By Mark Shelling The new year has arrived, and while it’s sad to look into the rearview mirror, say goodbye to the year that was and reminisce about all the fantastic food we had, it’s important to face forward… towards NEW food. Thankfully we have DineOut Vancouver on the horizon this month to help maintain a high standard of foodie memories.  Now in its 20th year, DineOut has been present through more food trends than you can shake a cakepop at. From gourmet sliders, to acai bowls, and who could forget those hors d’oeuvres with the little plastic squeeze bottle thing, where you have to fire a garnish into your mouth… Actually, that’s one memory we’re glad we’ve moved on from. Throughout all these stepping stones though, one thing has remained constant across 20 years: DineOut is the pinnacle opportunity for date nights. Why? Because for two solid weeks a…